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miami beach incredible waterfrontage

What to look for when searching for Miami Beach Houses for Sale

May 15, 2017

There are three key aspects you should look for when searching for Miami Beach houses for sale. These areas will help you not only find the house of your dreams but also help maintain the resale value and turn your new house into an investment. When looking for a Miami Beach house you should pay close attention to the location,...

Pobiak 24 San Marino - Homes for Sale in Miami Beach - cover

4 Homes For Sale In Miami Beach, Florida With Irresistible Swimming Pools

March 24, 2017

There’s no shortage of waterfront homes for sale in Miami Beach, FL with irresistible swimming pools. But we’ve identified some of our favorites. These pools transform the backyard of the property into something you’d find in a resort or on vacation. Each of these Miami Beach homes have swimming pools suitable for relaxing, getting into shape, and even hosting parties...

Pobiak Properties - Miami Beach - Miami Film Festival Cover

Miami Film Festival Brings Miami Beach Residents the Best in Film

March 9, 2017

Every year in March, hundreds of cinema lovers, both local and from elsewhere, flock to Miami to catch a glimpse of some the best films and documentaries around at the Miami Film Festival. Miami has always been seen in a good light when it comes to film and television, whether it be from filming in the city, stories about the...

Pobiak Properties - Miami Beach Waterfront Homes - 1771 North View Drive Miami Beach 33140 cover

These Miami Beach Waterfront Homes Are an Avid Boater’s Delight

March 8, 2017

Miami Beach is a great place to live, whether you live in the city all year long, or are a seasonal resident. Miami Beach is a barrier island that sits between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay, making the area a true delight for boating aficionados. The area is known for its wide beaches that line the islands oceanfront, as...

Pobiak Properties - Venetian Islands Miami Beach - 34 W Dilido Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139 Cover

Top 3 Most Ocean Accessible Homes in the Venetian Islands Miami Beach

March 6, 2017

The Venetian Islands Miami Beach is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the area. The Venetian Islands are known for having some of the most stunning Miami Beach waterfront homes. In addition to having gorgeous views, quite a few of these homes offer a great deal of water frontage, decks, and ocean accessibility. One of the biggest reasons...

Miami Beach waterfront dining with Yacht - Pobiak Properties

Best Places in Miami Beach to Dine with Your Yacht

March 2, 2017

Miami Beach is the place to be for waterfront dining. The lovely, temperate temperatures allow for outdoor dining almost year round. The only thing better than living in Miami Beach and being able to experience waterfront dining on a regular basis, is being able to take your yacht out for a spin, then docking at a restaurant for culinary merriment....

Miami Beach - Yacht - Pobiak Properties

Best Aspects of Miami Beach Living

February 28, 2017

Miami Beach is a relatively small barrier island, but is known world-wide for offering residents great weather, amazing views, and a fabulous lifestyle. For those reasons, Miami Beach remains one of the top real estate markets in all of Florida. People flock to Miami Beach to purchase their dream Miami Beach waterfront homes; and, who can blame them, Miami Beach...

Pobiak - Palm Island Miami Beach

Top 3 Palm Island Waterfront Homes Under $25 Million

February 23, 2017

Palm Island Miami Beach is one of the most gorgeous islands in South Beach. Located in Biscayne Bay, just south of Hibiscus Island, this man-made island is only accessible via the MacArthur Causeway, which links the coveted island to Miami and Miami Beach. Palm Island is only 82 acres in size, and consequently property values tend to be relatively high....

David Pobiak - Pine Tree Drive Miami Beach 1Cover

Top 3 Pine Tree Drive Waterfront Homes Under $10 Million

February 17, 2017

Pine Tree Drive is one of the most picturesque neighborhoods of Miami Beach. This prestigious neighborhood stretches from 23rd to 63rd Street, and is located along the Eastern area of Miami Beach. Pine Tree Drive offers classic Miami Beach waterfront homes, and it is not out of the ordinary to come across homes with six or more bedrooms with lots...

David Pobiak - Miami Beach Waterfront Homes 1 - Cover 1

These Miami Beach Waterfront Homes Have The Bay As Their Backyard

February 13, 2017

Everyone knows Miami is about more than just great weather, low taxes and great nightlife. Those who live here or want to move here or invest here know the real beauty of this land isn’t the land at all — it’s the miles and miles of pristine waterfront. Nothing beats living on Biscayne Bay, where sailboats and yachts cruise up...

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